Structure Ratings for Price Pattern Traders

Learn more about our structure ratings for pattern traders

In an average day you can see 10-20 high quality patterns (top 1-2%) fibonacci patterns were discovered and alerted to our members.

Updated every 15 minutes

Pattern selection is one of the hardest topics for a pattern trader to master. This can now be done much more easily with our structure ranking and it’s the latest feature everyone is raving about.

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Problem Solved – If you spent just 30 seconds looking at every pattern; we could have saved you 0 in the last month. These stats are live based off the number of patterns we scan and our highest structured trades. We can give you that time back and alert you to the top 1-3% with our structure ratings every day so you don’t miss out on any high probability opportunities. Would you like to view more of our pattern statistics?

  • checkmark   Each pattern gets automatically tested using the previous 1.1 million patterns in our database.

  • checkmark   Money management (risk vs reward) gets automatically taken into account.

  • checkmark   The super structure of the pattern (what is around the pattern) is also taken into consideration.

  • checkmark   You can filter out all the low quality patterns

  • checkmark   All included with your FXGW Membership.

Structure Ratings Table of Price Patterns

Trying to figure out what is stopping you from reaching your true potential in trading? It might be you’re not selecting the highest probability patterns. Some patterns have a higher chance of success than others.

For example, small patterns that have a total amount of 10 bars from the start (the “X” point) to the end of the pattern (the “D” point) have a lot less chance of being successful than patterns that are made up of many bars. The minimum number of bars per patterns that we use is based off the 1.2 million patterns now in our database.

Looking for the biggest and best price patterns?

Instead of spending hours in front of charts cycling through them to find only mediocre patterns. Filter all the patterns so that you’re just presented with structure ratings over 70%. These are going to be the highest quality patterns based off the analysis automatically applied. Here you can find some ideas of high structured patterns that get filtered from our database.

Patterns with inferior structures are holding some traders back.

You need to find high quality structured patterns, which have a defined positive structure that you can actually benefit from. Patterns as shown below:

price pattern structurs

Filter out all the poorly structured patterns!

Get alerted to only the bigger and better patterns to trade and save much time and frustration.

filtering based on structure

Pattern Trading Structure and Filters

Structure Ranking Looks At Many Key Areas

The structure ranking is very detailed and each category has a certain weight percentage. We’ve broken them down for you in the image below. One of our lessons in the video education center will explain how you can tell good structure patterns vs poor ones yourself, although there are things that the structure rating will look at which you probably never will.

For example, the structure ratings do not only look at the pattern, but also the super structure which is very important. The candles that make up the rest of the chart around the pattern and can also tell us a lot of good and very useful information and help us take the best trades in both forex and future markets.

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EURCHF - 1Day - Preview

GBPJPY - 1Hour -  Preview

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