Filtering for only the best Fibonacci Patterns


Do you want to find the best fibonacci patterns?

You can't manually go through 1,200 patterns a day to find only the best fibonacci patterns. But we can for you with our pattern filters. These filters process over 1,200 patterns a day to automatically produce about 20-30 highest and finest quality!

  •    See the 5% of patterns that are in the high potential of huge rewards.

  •    No longer be glued to the screen; get alerted through audio or email.

  •    Long or short term traders, filter time frames that work for you.

  •    Only see patterns that have a risk vs reward that work with your own money management style.

  •    All Included with your FXGW Membership.

Trying to figure out what is stopping you from reaching your true potential in trading?

Automatically Filters 1,200 patterns down to 20-30 Solid Patterns

With just a click of the filters button you can have the software automatically match patterns that meet your criteria.

Automatically Searches for the Patterns You Want

Most traders have certain harmonic patterns they like best. Maybe you're looking for the rare, yet highly successful crab patterns? Use our filters to get at them quickly.

Calling All Short, Medium or Long Term Traders!

Pick the time frames that best suit your style of trading! The higher the time frame, the longer the hold period.

Trade the Majors or Trade Them All!

Which pairs do you want to trade? Maybe all the ones your broker gives you; a low spread? Filter them here!

Show me all patterns where my risk is half of my reward.

Yes, you can configure your risk vs reward settings to say: If I'm going to risk 20 pips, show me all patterns where the reward would be at least 40 pips.

Lock in your Settings

After you set up all your customized presets, click the save button and have them recorded until next time you return.

Do all this and more!

You can configure all of them and get as specific as you need. Eg: Show me all crab patterns on the 1 hour or higher charts across the majors where my reward is going to be twice my risk.