Pattern Trading Drawing Tools and Indicators NinjaTrader 8

Fibonacci Price Pattern Drawing Tools for NinjaTrader 8 (NT8)

Manual Drawing Tools

Harmonic Patterns 4 Points

Pattern will turn colors when the ratios are valid!

Automatic Drawing Tools


Automatically draws past and present patterns

Full Market Analyzer


Scan any market, in any time frame all at one time!

Semi-Automation Capabilities


Explore how you can build in some automation!

Custom Patterns


Add a custom pattern and define your own ratios and name!

Drawing Tools
XABCD Patterns
Elliot Wave Patterns
Extension Patterns
6 Point Patterns
The 6 point pattern will draw as an outline in a similar way that the ABCD and Three Drives pattern is done. This is because with the 6 point pattern our starting point is actually any impulse wave followed by your XABCD format. Everything about this pattern can be configured and customized within the ninjatrader 8 properties window.
ABCD Pattern
Total Customization
One Click Install
Market Analyzer
Scan’s Any Market
Scanning Any Time Frame
Total Customization
Audio Alerts to New Patterns
Filtering Based on Conditions
Modify Colors, Patterns, Indicators etc…
Multiple Templates for Download
Automatic Drawing
Automatically Detects Patterns
Present and Past Patterns
Does Not Repaint / Redraw
Flexible Ratios (Important!)
Color Coded Patterns / Templates
Target Drawing by Fibs / Pattern Points
Clear Ratios

The Sonar Indicator

Why do you need the Sonar Indicator for NinjaTrader 8?

It’s a fantastic question and the answer is quite easy. In order to get consistent results you must act consistently. This goes the same for trying to figure out when you should risk more on a particular pattern/trade or when you should risk less. Well Sonar will easily answer this question for you. If you have sonar showing you a possible move higher based on it’s future projection, you’ll want to consider weighting that trade more. If the sonar wave is showing that price is going lower and possibly causing the PRZ to fail, you would want to reduce the weight of that fibonacci pattern or use negative leverage. This way we get an advantage by keeping how we weight our trades in a consistent way. Watch this video on how sonar works:
Sonar Indicator with Harmonic Patterns

The Hurst Exponent

Why do you need the Sonar Indicator for NinjaTrader 8?

The Hurst Exponent is a non-linear built for NinjaTrader 8. It’s for use in combination with our Fibonacci pattern indicator that also helps us in weighting trades and when to weight a trade higher or lower. This is a different approach as it uses anti-persistence or persistence measurements to tell us when a trade should be weighted higher or lower. A value of 0 means there is a greater chance of price reversing, where 1 means there is a strong trend. Anything half way of 0.5 would be considered random. This way we can line up our fibonacci patterns with a greater chance of a reversal and an increased trade percentage. Watch this video on the hurst:

Full Feature List

Drawing Tools:

  1. 5 point drawing tools allow you to draw all the classic fibonacci patterns
  2. 4 other drawing tools allow for the other patterns which are also included
  3. Works on any time frame and any market
  4. Does not repaint or redraw the pattern
  5. Draw it on any NT8 chart with any data settings
  6. Tools work with all international regions and markets
  7. Ability to auto scale with your charts
  8. Shape Opacity Display Capabilities for easy viewing
  9. Optional Pattern Name Display for Clarity
  10. Color coded pattern assignments to recognize patterns easily
  11. Targets: Fibonacci Targets for added consistency
  12. Targets: Fibonacci Targets are Customization
  13. Target Display Format in Price, Percent, Ticks, Currency or Pips for easy order modifications
  14. Targets: Pattern Point Target Lines to know where to take text book profits
  15. Drawing Tools Allow for “Gap Percentage” for flexible ratios and decide how strict you want to be
  16. Customize Pattern Ratios for all built in patterns for the most flexibility
  17. Customize the Anchor or Fib stroke lines via color, style, size etc.
  18. Ability to have different Fibonacci stroke colors for the reversal zone and Targets
  19. Clear pattern letter identification
  20. Ability to style your pattern letters
  21. All fonts allow for customization of size and style
  22. Unique styling for each individual property
  23. Allows for you to save all your settings as a default within NT8

Automated Drawing Indicator:

  1. Draw’s the Fibonacci patterns right onto your chart
  2. Show’s both past and present price patterns so you can see all the previous patterns
  3. All the Fibonacci patterns will be labeled for easy identification
  4. You can specify the minimum number of bars the pattern must contain in order for a pattern to be picked up so you don’t see smaller tiny ones
  5. Scanning works on any chart type and time frame / style you can view in NT8
  6. There is no repainting of the patterns or altering once the pattern has formed
  7. Tools work globally on all international markets
  8. All styling of the pattern is possible for clear pattern identification.
  9. Not only can you color each pattern type, but also each direction of each every price pattern type
  10. Like in our drawing tools Fibonacci Targets can be added for your targets as well as the pattern points
  11. Deviation value’s can be changed to have a better handle on high’s or low’s that the pattern measurements are based
  12. Ability to add in a gap percentage which means if a required ratio is within “X” percent that the pattern will still display
  13. Works with the market analyzer to automatically scan patterns
  14. Ability to display (or not) PRZ lines, retrace targets or pattern targets
  15. Allows you control to select which patterns you want to automatically place on your chart
  16. You decide how many bars you want the indicator to look back

Market Analyzer

  1. Market analyzer will highlight the pattern, risk vs reward, hurst, bar count, other indicator values and allow you to color code and filter your results
  2. Create any columns to scan any time frames or patterns
  3. Use one of our many templates available to our members that work with our fibonacci pattern indicator tools for NT8
  4. Ability to add in any other indicators into the templates to work along side the price pattern indicators
  5. Risk vs Reward can also be added into the market analyzer to know which patterns are worth noticing
  6. Add conditions to the pattern indicators to color code each pattern type
  7. Ability to filter the market analyzer so you only see rows that match certain conditions
  8. Control the market analyzer so it scans for the fibs in the same way as the actual pattern indicator

Templates Available For Download

Requires our NinjaTrader Package

Fibonacci Pattern Scanner (Theme: Purple)

Fibonacci Pattern Scanner

Scan Entire Markets – Saving You Hours of Time!

Here is a template that allows you to scan for just AB=CD patterns. This can be useful for after your already in a trade but more on that inside our members area. You can also change this template so that it can show only the patterns you want to see.

Colorful Fibonacci Pattern Scanner

Fibonacci Pattern Scanner

Scan any Time-Frames and Any Markets For All Fibonacci Patterns

Each pattern is color coded in this template to allow you to instantly see the time frame and the patterns visually without having to read anything. These colors match the indicator settings and much more. Values that turn green are going to be in our favor where values that do not turn green are ones we can ignore. Very easy to use and understand a ton of market information in a live formatted table.

Hurst Market Analyzer Template


Showing you Anti-Persistence or Persistence in the market

You can change any aspect of this template that you wish, you can even add in your own indicators, but this is a great template to start yourself off with and make your own customization saving you the time to configure all the price pattern details. Very easy to modify and add in your own time frames or any other changes. You can even change the threshold on the hurst and how it reports back anti-persistence etc so you can be strict or flexible.

AB=CD Scanner

Will also work with other patterns you want to specify

Fibonacci Pattern Scanner

Scanning Specific Patterns and Requirements

Here is a template that allows you to scan for just AB=CD patterns. This can be useful for after your already in a trade but more on that inside our members area. You can also change this template so that it can show only the patterns you want to see.