Money Management for Traders

Risk Vs Reward

Money Management for Traders

Money management is a key component to anyone’s trading. Sticking to strict money management is the difference between a good trader and a poor trader. Imagine if you only saw the patterns that provided you with good money management. Think how much easier your trading could be?

Problem Solved – If you use our Risk Vs Reward filters to make sure all your trades give you an RvR of at least 2:1; you’ll only need to be right 33% of the time to break even. You can also filter your alerts to make sure you only get alerted to best patterns.

  •    Money Management Filters to Apply Good money management on every pattern you get alerted to.

  •    Discard thousands of patterns with low risk vs rewards that wouldn’t make sense to trade from a money management standpoint.

  •    All Included with your FXGW Membership.

This is why we need to focus on our risk vs reward when looking for trades. Most price patterns do not have a great risk vs reward and these tools will only alert you to the patterns that meet this criteria.

Filter Patterns with the Best Risk vs Reward

Trying to figure out what is stopping you from reaching your true potential in trading?

Filter all patterns so that you are only alerted when your risk is half as much as your potential gain. For example, if your risk is 20 pips per trade, the potential gain has to be 40 pips before you are alerted to the price pattern.

Risk vs Reward money management with pattern traders

Remove all the patterns where there is way too much risk to justify taking a trade, keeping your average loser small and allowing your profits to run!

Risk vs Reward with Poor Structure

Filter out the Risk vs Reward

Pick the time frames that best suit your style of trading! The higher the time frame, the longer the hold period.

Risk vs Reward Filtering