Fibonacci Pattern Indicators for MT4 (MetaTrader4)

FXGroundworks Pattern Recognition Indicators for MT4 (Metatrader4)

Draws the pattern dynamically right on your very own charts in a clear way.

MetaTrader4 Harmonic Pattern Software

The above image shows the Sonar and Hurst indicators which are also included in the MT4 suite of indicators.

The price pattern software is a tool from FXGroundworks that displays the pattern right on your chart. Knowing how to use this tool (which is what you will learn with your membership) is going to be key to your success. Just as if you owned a hammer, it does not mean you know how to build a house. But we will teach you how to maximize your knowledge on our indicator inside the members area. However, we do also have the best advanced price pattern detection tool / indicator out there. Find out why:

  • Features

       Pattern Recognition for the popular Fibonacci patterns and you can add in your own custom ratios too!

  •    No repainting or redrawing of patterns

  •    Customization on all the font sizes and color’s including line segments; patterns (bullish and bearish) ratios, PRZ lines every aspect.

  •    All advanced price pattern ratios drawndirectly on the chart in a clear and obvious way.

  •    Ability to add custom patterns and ratios for your own XABCD price patterns.

  •    Advanced Users: Flexibility for patterns to be drawn on different low/high calculations on depth, deviation and backsteps.

  •    Advanced Users: Gap Percentage controls to define how specific the ratios must match or how flexible you want them to be as well.

  •    All Included with your FXGroundworks Membership.

The price pattern detection indicator/software will aid in the ability to toss a pattern on the screen in front of you. Once you are alerted to a pattern you can go to the same time frame and pattern in order to get the pattern drawn directly on your chart.

It’s important to remember that the indicators are a tool; and with any tool you need to know and understand how to use it. This is why we include the full membership package with our indicators to give you the understanding of the patterns and tools in order to benefit the most. It would be impossible for us to give you a hammer and expect to build a house, and we would not expect you to do the same with our price pattern indicators for metatrader. Instead; we provide you with all the online education, live sessions and mentoring you need in order to use these tools to their full potential.

Give yourself the knowledge and power to make a difference in your trading the right way.

Precise Measurements

The measurements of each pattern must be specific and be created with the proper pattern points. The indicators that we built exclusivly for our members are also able to take customized ratios. Should you want to add a pattern, or even create your own based off your own research, you can do that with our indicators.

harmonic indicator example pattern

Every color and font size and be customized to make it look and feel exactly how you want it.

Scans for all Advanced Price Patterns and More!

We scan all advanced patterns and you can even add your own pattern! All the ratios are clearly identified and you can customize all the colors (for bearish and bullish patterns) and so much more.

View Past or Present Patterns

You decide which types of patterns you want it to display. You can also decide to see all the past patterns or just the current one.

Total Customization of the Advanced Price Pattern Indicator for MT4

You can customize everything within the indicator to make fonts bigger / smaller so they are easier to read; customize all of the colors so that the patterns pop out at you, and decide what patterns you want to see and which to hide. You also control all the ratios should you wish to modify any of them for the patterns.


No Repainting

Repainting is when the indicator removes an old pattern and morphs (or repaints) the pattern as the new shape. This practice is very much frowned upon by pattern traders if an indicator does repaint or morphs in leaving you unable to see the failed pattern. This means the indicator looks and appears to be right a lot of the time until you start using it. Our software tackles this problem by looking deeper into the ratios and the specifics surrounding them and is able to correctly identify the patterns without the need of repainting. If a pattern fails; then you will see it that way on your chart leading to a much more transparent way of trading and mapping out geometrical shapes.

repainting harmonic patterns

Patterns once plotted on the chart will not move/change (known as repainting)

Customized Patterns – Ground Breaking!

Included with your FXGroundworks Membership

Custom patterns are much needed for the additional patterns you might want to add to the indicator, as well as changing any specific ratios. Each pattern you want to add, you just need to fill in the ratios and then save the template with all the settings. If you want to test out your own ratios or add in new patterns, this would be the way to go!

 Pattern Custom Ratios

Sceenshots of Pattern Setups

Using our FXGroundworks MetaTrader 4 Price Pattern Indicator

See the difference! Our FXGroundworks pattern indicator in action. You can zoom into any picture just by selecting it. Here are some screenshots from Metatrader (MT4).