Mentoring Sessions for Pattern Traders

Group Sessions for Pattern Traders!

Program is Included with your FXGroundworks’ Membership!

Being a member of FXGroundworks gives you the ability to ask questions to make sure you are learning to draw fibonacci patterns the right way! This is the first step after you’ve completed the online video education on the patterns. How do we do this?

Runtime: 1min 1sec

Problem Solved – Stop dwindling down your trading account via trial and error to learn the patterns. You could jump start your education in a fraction of the time with the ability to ask your mentors questions and get instant and reliable answers.

Are you trying to figure out what is stopping you from reaching your true potential as a trader? Having a mentor can drastically cut your learning curve. As an example, if you wanted to climb Mount Everest, you wouldn't do it without a guide. And sometimes trading can feel much harder than climbing the world's largest mountain. Having a seasoned professional who has been trading price patterns for years on end can provide you with the knowledge and know-how of learning to trade price patterns correctly.

It’s a good idea to start this process after you’ve been through our Online Video Education Center and QA Reference Center videos so you can get the most out of the time you have with your mentor.

Step 1: A Phone Call With Your Mentor!

The first step would be for you and your mentor to get to know each other better. We'll find out more about your trading experience and what you feel you're good at, but more importantly where you could improve. Every trader is very unique and having helped thousands of people, it's pretty easy to apply different techniques that allow you to get over these hurdles and reach your potential.

Step 2: Putting Together a Plan of Action

Having a trading plan is one thing. However having a trading plan specifically designed for pattern trading that bends to fits different ways to trade! Jam-packed with pages of fill-in-the-blank type questions and answers, you will build a trading plan yourself that will be easy to implement and with the goals you’ve layed out for yourself.

Step 3: Carrying Out The Plan

When was the last time you were held accountable for every trade that you make? Do you think that being held responsible for your trades can help you be more successful? We know it does. After having seen the results of hundreds of people who keep logs vs those who don't, the results are obvious. A community of traders like yourself is a great way to keep yourself in check.

Step 4: Discuss Your Trade Ideas With Like-minded Traders and Share Screenshots!

Have you ever looked at a chart and wondered: "I wish someone else could offer their opinion so I know I'm doing this correctly!" We share charts all of the time, in fact to date there have been over 1,255 charts shared through our community, with new users asking for opinions and seasoned pattern traders offering up trade ideas. This is something you do not want to miss.

Step 5: Get Your Questions Answered Privately With Your Mentor!

Sometimes we feel like the questions we have are embarrassing to ask in front of a group. Other times the questions might be too personal where you do not feel comfortable asking them in a webinar type setting. With our Private Messaging features you do not have to be uncomfortable by asking questions you think are embarrassing. Ask them in a private and friendly setting to make sure all your questions are answered.