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Live Analysis Included with your FXGroundworks' Membership!

Getting live analysis and feedback on the trades you are taking can play a key part in your success as a trader. Knowing which patterns to trade and which ones not to, can make the difference between a losing trader and a great trader.

Save over 10 hours a day analyzing patterns – We’ll auto analyse the pattern on each alert with a database full of over 1 million previous patterns giving you a structure score.

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  • checkmark   Set up trade plans with potential entries, stops and targets with your mentor.

  • checkmark   Watch your mentor explain on live charts the answer to where a certain currency pair you're most curious about is heading.

  • checkmark   Share charts through the community to discuss live trades with other community members or mentors.

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If you have ever questioned if you should trade a certain pattern or not, you need clarity in how you analyze your charts. It's not just knowing about identifying well structured patterns but also to identify everything around the pattern to help determine how much risk is involved with each trade.
Once you know how to look at a chart more efficiently, you will be much better off with minimizing any unnecessary risk, keeping your money management intact and knowing which trades you should pass up because it's too uncertain.

Live Chart Analysis With The Community and Your Mentor

Do you wish you could have a second opinion? Is there a trade idea that you want to share with the group and possibly trade that symbol together? Doing some live chart analysis with your mentor can be a great stepping stone to making sure your pattern trades are the good trades to take (win or lose). This will allow you to hone your skills and chart reading as a pattern trader.

Trading Together

Daily Webinars (Recorded) at 8AM EST

Every day, Monday – Thursday we get together at 8AM EST to have a look at the markets. We'll usually start off each session with a mini lesson before moving deeper into the live analysis of the charts and patterns that are catching the eyes of our mentors. It is a great time to look at the upcoming news events, build a strategy for the next 24 hours and let our mentor show you what is currently on his own watch list, and critical areas you should be focusing on. If a pattern comes together that could be traded, then we will trade it together too.

daily webinars on trading

Live Commentary and Interactive Group Discussion

Included with your FXGroundworks' Membership and Runs Throughout The Day!

Since opening the interactive group discussion channel we've had over 21,500 messages and comments from other pattern traders passing ideas back and forth between each other. It's a great community with a family-like feel. When there are no trades going on it gives us a chance to learn more about one another.

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