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Fibonacci Pattern Guide, Articles and Much More

The FXGroundworksMag is a must have for all traders and skill levels. Several key issues are discussed inside of the articles such as how to trade fibonacci price patterns, how to draw trend-lines correctly

  •    What over 1 million historical Fibonacci patterns can tell us?

  •    Learn 1 major mistake you're probably making right now that can drastically impact your results.

  •    How to spend less time in front of your monitor while not missing a beat?

  •    10 cool ways to instantly put into action to improve your trading!

Don't forget to print out the last page of Issue 1 which contains the pattern guide for all the fibonacci patterns.

These articles give you the first steps in really understanding the patterns, their strategy and how were using whats already proven in the outside world and bringing it inside to the market.

The fibonacci pattern detection software will aid in the ability to toss a pattern on the screen in front of you. Once you are alerted to a fibonacci pattern you can go to the same time frame and pattern in order to get the pattern drawn directly on your chart.

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