Financial Markets and our Pattern Scanner

Forex, Futures, Stocks – Yes we scan all those markets.

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Helps you filter out the top 1% of all price patterns. Bringing together the best of Scanning, Mentoring and Alerting in one awesome new community.

Price Patterns We Scan:

Forex Trading: Major, Minor and Exotic Pairs (All)

FX / Currencies Description
All FX Majors
All FX Minors
All Crosses and Exotics

There are over 540 charts that are scanned which produces over 1,100 patterns on average every day. That is roughly about 2 patterns per chart. It's not possible for you to trade every pattern; but it is possible to lower the number of alerts by using our filters and structure ratings. This will provide you the top 2%-3% out of the 1,100 patterns save you a lot of time and getting you in the better structure patterns.

Pattern Scanner in the Future's Markets

Futures Trading:

Currently we are scanning the following futures:

Ticker Description
6A Australian Dollar Futures
6B British Pound Futures
6C Canadian Dollar Futures
6E Euro Futures
6J Japanese Yen Futures
6L Brazilian Real Futures
6M Mexican Peso Futures
6N New Zealand Dollar Futures
6S Swiss Franc Futures
6Z South African Rand Futures

Commodities trading:

Currently we are scanning the following indices and futures contracts:

Ticker Description
XAU Gold
AUS200 ASX 200 Index
EURX50 Euro Stoxx 50 Index
S&P500 E-mini S&P 500
NAS100 E-mini NASDAQ 100
DOW30 Mini-sized Dow
CAC40 Cac 40 Index
DAX30 Dax Index
FT100 FTSE 100 Index
RUSS2000 Russell 2000 Index
HSENG33 HangSeng 30 Index
NIK225 Nikkei 225 Index
CRUDE Light, Sweet Crude

NATGAS Natural Gas

BitCoin Trading:

Currently we are scanning the following Bitcoin Pairs:

Ticker Description


Need to scan individual stocks for patterns? Use our Ninjatrader Indicator with the market analyzer, and you can scan your favorite stock for price patterns.

The market analyzer will give you the most flexibility to scan for price patterns on any time-frame, only the patterns you wish to look for as well as the ability to filter these patterns by their risk vs reward. This way your only presented with the highest probability patterns in the markets of your choice.

Ticker Description
AAPL Apple
AMZN Amazon
AEO American Eagle
BA Boeing
BABA Alibaba
BAC Bank of America
BP BP plc
C Citigroup
CHKP Checkpoint
CSCO Cisco
CVX Chevron
DIS Disney
FB Facebook
GE General Electric
GM General Motors
GOOG Google
GRPN Groupon
GS Goldman Sachs
INTC Intel Corporation
JNJ Johnson and Johnson
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co.
KING King Digital Entertainment plc
KING King Digital Entertainment plc
KO Coca Cola
LNKD Linked In
MANU Manchester United Ltd.
MCD McDonalds
MS Morgan Stanley
MSFT Microsoft
MSFT Microsoft
PFE Pfizer
PG Procter & Gamble Co
POT Potash
PRGO Perrigo
TSLA Tesla
TEVA Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
TWTR Twitter Inc
VOD Vodafone
VZ Verizon
WMT Walmart
XOM Exxon Mobil
YHOO Yahoo

How many patterns will you get alerted too?

Lower time frames such as the 5 minute and 15 minute will trigger a lot more patterns then the daily time frame. If you are curious how many patterns will trigger for the type of trader or style that you are we would be happy to answer our questions; just contact us. However to give you an idea; there are typically 20-30 patterns a day that have a good structure rating, with also sound money management filters on time frames that range from small 5minute patterns to 4 hour price patterns.

On the last page of the FXGroundworks Magazine – Issue 3 you can find a lot of performance data regarding the number of patterns per week and the number of high structured patterns.