Features of FXGroundworks

Enhanced Features:

We’re in constant development to make a better tool for all of us!

We have the most comprehensive fibonacci trading tool out there, and because of traders like you and us, we’ve been able to collectively establish a great tool set and a great community. The rapid growth of the site is just a testimony to all of this development. Watch for all the great changes happening here at FXGroundworks!

Live Mentoring Webinars

Live Mentoring Workshops

Fibonacci Pattern trade setups done live Monday – Thursday. In these sessions we put together high probability trade plans based off current market conditions.

Video Education Center

Education Center

It can be boring and slow reading a book! You can benefit from learning quicker and faster through our video education center which has over 9 modules. Short and effective videos.

SMS Instant Action Alerts

SMS Alerts

You can get SMS alerts directly to your phone. Each month you can get 50 sms alerts that can alert you to the highest probability patterns.

Automatic Pattern Analysis

Structure of Fibonacci Patterns

Fibonacci Patterns automatically ranked so you can tell their probability even before you take the trade. One of the most unique tools to help your pattern selection.

Daily Recorded Workshops

Recorded Fibonacci Pattern Workshops

Never miss a live session again! With over 400 hours of recorded fibonacci training sessions you will get up to speed fast without wasting your valuable time.

Advanced Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts

With the customization filters we have for our fibonacci patterns where you can see the top 20-30 patterns out of over 1,000 patterns scanned each day.

Instant and Interactive Member Chat

Members Chat

The discussion that takes place between highly experienced fibonacci trading professionals can be very beneficial for beginners to advanced traders.

Real Achievable Targets

Real Targets

Do you really understand when to take profits or when to let the trade run for further gains? You need to know how to maximize your targets.

Flexible Time Zones Customization

Flexible Time

Time zones are a huge problem for traders however now you can modify the timezone to fit your trading platform or location to know when pattern are launched.

Audio Alerts / Customized

Audio Alerts

Want to know when a crab pattern launches but only when the reward is twice the risk of the trade? Customized Audio Alerts.

Email Fibonacci Pattern Alerts

Email Alerts

Select your own customized email alerts based off your own criteria to notify you! You can even forward these to a cell phone!

Trade Signals

Trade Signals

Actual trade signals based off the fibonacci patterns will be a great benefit to our subscriber base! Traded by our fibonacci experts!