Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with FXGroundworks

What is FXGroundworks?

FXGroundworks are the leaders in Fibonacci pattern alerting, educating and mentoring.  Inside our members area, we have a large trading community with some very elite traders and mentors.   FXGroundworks will build you from the ground up, or help you tweak your trading to bring out your full potential by trading Fibonacci patterns. Hear me now, this method can and does work for those who practice it.

We alert our members through an interface on Fibonacci patterns on a variety of different time frames.  These alerts can be sent out via different media and delivered to you instantly so you don't have to keep scanning the market.  We do calculations that also help you determine  if a pattern is worth trading or not, allowing you to focus on the more exciting parts of trading.

What can I expect inside the members area of FXGroundworks?

FXGroundworks is all about three main things that every trader needs. Education to learn how to improve your trading with statistics gained from over 1 Million Fibonacci patterns we have recorded. This is done through our video education centre and live trading sessions plus you get to take quizzes after to make sure you are remembering the most important facts. We also alert you to the patterns via the web community, emails, and sms alerts (North America and Internationally). We rank each pattern known as the structure ratings and allow you to do other advanced filtering on almost any criteria. Through our daily hows traders consistency by trading Fibonacci patterns.  This includes the 4 majors, Garltey, Butterfly, Bat and Crab, as well as a bunch of other "minor" patterns and we alert you to these patterns the second they complete on over 540+ charts on almost all the currency pairs and timeframes on 5 different data feeds.  Our mentors and coaches have years of professional experience trading these patterns and have helped thousands of people realize their potential.

What currency pairs or patterns do you monitor and alert me too?

Find a full list here of all the forex, futures and stocks we can scan. We watch over 570 charts a day. This produces over 1,200 patterns being alerted to each day which makes it nearly impossible for a trader to pickout the 20-30 best patterns unless they use our pattern filters.

How do you alert people on these patterns?

Once logged into our members area, our web application will alert you to any patterns that form in the market presenting you with all the details you need to know regarding stops, targets and entry ranges.  These notifications automatically pop up in front of you with audio and visal alerts in a nice clean table format where you can access the pattern screenshot without having to turn to your platform.

We also alert you through email which can be easily setup to work with your cell phone, or any other device to notify you of any pattern alerts meeting your criteria.

Do you have webinars for your members to ask questions?

Ofcourse! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays webinars are held and recorded.  Friday is usually a day off as a reward for a great week trading.

The webinars are about 30minutes – 60 minutes long (sometimes run longer) and on Monday's we review the entire system and how we want to go about trading these patterns.  Our mentors are at your disposal to help you navigate through the market profitably.

Is trading Fibonacci patterns for fulltime traders or part time (less active) traders?

Our method of trading can be for both fulltime active day traders to part-time traders as we have many successful members in both areas.  If you want to be more active, you can trade the smaller 15 minute patterns, and if you want to be less active, you would probably trade the 4H or Daily timeframe patterns.

Is there a way to communicate with other members?

Yes!  Our members are a great asset to us and we provide you with a way to communicate with one another through our chat interface.  You can private message, share charts by uploading them to the site which is a great way to also share ideas!  Inside the chat our members are also around to discuss and answer any questions you might have as they are totally available to you.


What can I expect for performance of the patterns?

We have heard from many of you with the success of the patterns, but for those considering joining FXGroundworks alerts you to patterns and not actual trades. What we do is give you the knowledge to know what is a pattern that has high probability and what has low probability. With this being said people can potentially pick different patterns to trade, perhaps they are awake at different times then other traders. However in the long run none of this will matter because over time the numbers in our statistical research hardly change. We have scanned 750,000 patterns so far since this survey was done and can tell you the percentages hardly change.


How do I find the highest probability and best patterns to trade?

Thre are a few simple ways to turn a pattern alert into a trade alert. This will be very clearly taught to with the involvement in our members area. But to give you an idea, you can use our structure ratings which will remove a lot of the guess work out as it will filter the top 20-30 trades per day out of 1,200 you would have otherwise been alerted too. Our structure rating system has roughly saved you from constantly sitting at your charts and instead alert you to when you should be watching the screen.


How come the signals through FXGroundworks are more reliable then the ones which appear on my charts?

Since the FOREX doesnt have one central exchange, we have to remember that the price your watching on your broker does not mean its the same price on everybodys broker. Not only is it the current price, but the spread which appears on your brokers currency pairs might be larger or smaller then someone elses which will affect which patterns get shown since the smallest movement of price can have a big difference on the ratios (especially on the smaller time frames).

At FXGroundworks we look at 5 of the largest liqudity provders and run an average feed which means our alerts on the patterns which appear on most of the brokers solving your problem of only watching one price feed.