Harmonic Pattern Indicators for MT4 (MetaTrader4)

Harmonic Pattern Indicators for MT4 (Metatrader4)

Draws the pattern right on your very own charts in a clear way.

The harmonic pattern software is a tool from fxgroundworks that displays the pattern right on your chart. Knowing how to use this tool (which is what you will learn with your membership) is going to be key to your success. Just as if you owned a hammer, it does not mean you know how to build a house. But we will teach you that inside our members area. However, we do also have the “grand” hammer or the best harmonic pattern detection tool / indicator out there. Find out why:

  •    Clear and easy to read ratios of all patterns detected.

  •    Ability to add in your own harmonic patterns and custom ratios.

  •    Customize all the colors so you have different colored patterns for bearish and bullish patterns.

  •    Scans over 9 harmonic patterns!

  •    All Included with your FXGW Membership.

The harmonic pattern detection software will aid in the ability to toss a pattern on the screen in front of you. Once you are alerted to a harmonic pattern you can go to the same time frame and pattern in order to get the pattern drawn directly on your chart.

Precise Measurements

The measurements of each pattern must be specific and be created with the proper pattern points. The indicators that we built exclusivly for our members are also able to take customized ratios. Should you want to add a pattern, or even create your own based off your own research, you can do that with our indicators.

Metatrader 4 chart with harmonic pattern indicator

Scans for all Harmonic Patterns and More!

We scan all harmonic patterns including the Gartley Pattern, Bat Pattern, Butterfly Pattern, Crab Pattern, 5-0 Pattern, Three Drives Pattern, AB=CD Pattern and you can even add your own pattern! All the ratios are clearly identified and you can customize all the colors (for bearish and bullish patterns) and so much more.

Harmonic pattern software with ratios and prz box

Customized Patterns – Ground Breaking Harmonics

Included with your FXGroundworks Membership

Custom patterns are much needed for the additional patterns you might want to add to the indicator, as well as changing any specific ratios. Each pattern you want to add, you just need to fill in the ratios and then save the template with all the settings. If you want to test out your own ratios or add in new patterns, this would be the way to go!

Harmonic Pattern Custom Ratios